5th February 2012


Superbowl and other stuff….

Yeah so the Superbowl is going on right now in my hometown…I’m just not impressed with it all. Yeah it was nice to have an event come to this city but honestly it has made it a huge inconvience for normal day to day functions. I’m happy its Sunday and after tomorrow the Superbowl will be over and it will be business as usual. Did i fail to mention I’m not a huge fan of football? Oh welllll

So things have been typical as usual and I’m not thrilled with the twist and turns my life has taken. I need a positive change and I’ve been trying to project positivity but when it feels like you have the world sitting on ur shoulders and u have trouble handling the simple stuff its really really hard. No matter what I will continue to keep pushing something has got to give and I know God will see fit to give me the strength to endure everything.